The Lithuanian Foreign Policy Review

The Lithuanian Foreign Policy Review is an analytical journal which aims to publish articles on global issues and analyze their impact on Lithuania. It is published annually in cooperation with Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other partners. Since 2018, the partners include Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and the US Embassy in Lithuania (each issue has a list of partners acknowledged).

The journal was established in 1998 as a publication discussing challenges and problems of mostly Lithuanian foreign policy. Gradually, it moved towards covering the security and foreign policy issues of the countries in Central Eastern Europe and the geopolitical and security problems of the whole region as well. Since 2018 the concept of the journal changed from peer-reviewed journal to an analytical publication.

ISSN: 1392-5504

The Latest Issue of the Lithuanian Foreign Policy Review (Vol. 40, 2021-2022) was published in November, 2021

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