Vol. 6 (2000)


Lithuania and Russia: Knowing the Past, Building Genuine Partnership for the future
Vygaudas Ušackas

Russia – Lithuania: Summary of The Current Developments and A View on The Future
Aleksandr Avdeev

“Waiting for Godot?”: Lithuania and the European Security Order in the XXI century
Graeme P.Herd, Donald N. MacIver

European Security: A Year After Istanbul and Future Prospects
Vladimir Lukin

Russian – Lithuanian Relations: Will the Success Story Last?
Dmitri Trenin

Russia – Lithuania: Preserving Interaction
Arkady Moshes

Economic and Commercial Relations Between Lithuania and Russia
Gediminas Miškinis

Kaliningrad Chance: Realisation of the Pilot Region Concept
Vladimir Nikitin

Russian – Lithuanian Relationship: Regional Aspect
Genady Kretinin

Problems of Supply and Development of the Kaliningrad Oblast of Russian Federation in the Context of European Union Expansion Eastwards
Vladimir Pozdorovkin

Impact Assessment of Lithuania’s Integration into the EU on Relations Between Lithuania and Kaliningrad Oblast of the Russian Federation
Pertti Joenniemi, Raimundas Lopata, Vladas Sirutavicius, Ramunas Vilpisauskas

What Happened in Lithuania in 1940
Alfred Erich Senn


Speech in the Conference in Moscow
Algirdas Brazauskas

The Russian Riddle and Lithuanian Reality
Vytautas Landsbergis

Economic Relations between Lithuania and Russia and their Prospects
Kazimiera Prunskienė