Vol. 4 (1999)

The Year 2000: History and Contemporary Experience
Edvardas Gudavičius

Lithuanian Political System and Foreign Policy Decision Making
Evaldas Nekrašas

Lithuania as a NATO Partner
Darius K. Mereckis

Baltic States in the Perspective of Russia’s Policy
Donatas Žiugžda

“Gentlemen’s Agreement” of Lithuania and the USSR
Algimantas Kasparavičius


Consequences of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact for Lithuania of Today International Law Aspects
Dietrich A. Loeber

Legal and Political Issues on the Continuity of the Republic of Lithuania
Dainius Zalimas

Lithuania, Germany, and the European Union
Detlof von Berg

The Security Dimension of Czech Foreign Policy toward Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia
Stefan Füle

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